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16 Dec 2020

100K BNI ITB Virtual Ultra Marathon Was A Success

Run of the century, that is the theme of the Ultra marathon activity which in 2020 will continue to be held in collaboration with BNI, ITBm and the Solidarity Forever Foundation by paying attention to the protocol for preventing the spread of Covid-19 so that it will be held virtually. There is no doubt that the BNI ITB Virtual ultra marathon 100 K is proof of human victory in the struggle against Covid-19.


More than 5,000 participants conducted ultra marathon activities covering a distance of 100 KM in their respective places and monitored through the application. The event which consists of 3 categories is carried out in teamwork and is run by 2 relay runners for the T2 category, 4 relay runners for the T4 category, and 10 relay runners for the T10 category. The competition will combine the running distances of the team members until they have collected a distance of 100 km. In less than 12 hours, each runner is expected to have completed the selected distance and all of this is done in compliance with the Covid 19 prevention protocol.


BNI’s Director of Institutional Relations, Sis Apik Wijayanto, explained that given the Covid-19 pandemic that has not yet ended, the 2020 marathon will be held virtually. This is in anticipation of the limitations of mass gathering.


The head of the organizing committee, Ahmad Shalahuddin Zulfa, who is often called Danang, explained that the activities had started simultaneously and virtually from each participant location on December 12 at 06.00 WIB and would end at 17.00 WIB. By being covered live and can be monitored via the Ultra marathon social media channels during the activities, namely Youtube Live, Facebook Live, and Instagram.


In a separate place in his speech, ITB Rector Prof. Reini Wirahadikusumah, Ph.D., welcomed the activity, which has entered its 4th year, because the event which started on a faculty scale at ITB developed into a broad ITB agenda and was eagerly awaited by the community participating in the competition, especially thousands of alumni and community members. ITB academics.


With the support of BNI which is loyal to become the title sponsor, BNI-ITB Ultra Marathon has proven to be able to unite ITB alumni across departments; across generations and across generations. In addition, this activity has a positive impact on solidarity at the ITB alma mater because since the beginning the ultra marathon was launched aimed at raising funds.


BNI ITB Ultra Marathon, which was held from the start in the context of fundraising which was originally intended for the alma mater of one of the faculties at ITB (FTMD), but as this activity grew, this activity became a fundraising process for ITB. Hari Tjahjono as the head of the fundraising team explained that this activity was not only an event for ITB alumni reunions and the 100th anniversary of ITB, but also as an event to raise funds from alumni for the Indonesian nation.


In 2017, a special fundraising for the FTMD ITB faculty was in the form of laboratory renovation assistance and student study rooms. In 2018 this running activity was devoted to helping ITB in the form of harmony ITB mutual funds and in 2019 for ITB students with funds raised reaching 5 billion. And this year it is expected to raise funds to assist the Covid-19 vaccine research that is being carried out by the ITB Covid-19 Vaccine researchers.