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4 Feb 2021

Ganesha Cares for Disaster Donations

Alumni ITB batch 90 and Waqf Salman delivered aid for disaster victims through the ‘Ganesha Cares for Disaster’ movement on Wednesday (3/2/2021). The activity was carried out at Lumens Kopi Masjid, Jl. Dark Nyawang no.7, Bandung.


Assistance for disaster victims in the form of procurement of 100 blankets, 100 bath towels, 143 prayer mats and 42 mukenas for earthquake-affected communities in Mamuju and Majene, West Sulawesi.


This social movement that was initiated by the ITB Alumni in collaboration with Salman Waqf and will be channeled directly by the Gerak Bareng social care community, some of whose members have been at the disaster site.


Waqf Salman hopes that this will be an initial movement to raise larger donations, namely Clean Water Management Installation Cars that can later help disaster areas in providing emergency clean water. Through collaboration, we together help people face difficulties in their lives.